Junior Golf Lessons

Here at “G4G” we give a great deal of focus towards our junior golfers and junior golf programs. Whether he/she is trying to make their Grade School team, High School Team, get a College Scholarship, or just be better when playing with others, we have everything they need to improve. We focus on the fundamentals and create a plan for each student to help them strive for lower scores.
The camps we provide are great for juniors that love to compete and be around other golfers their age. Because of the smaller class sizes, we provide more hands on instruction and really get to know each student.
Our technology is so easy to use and productive that we encourage our students to use it when they can. By being more technically inclined on equipment, our students learn more about the physics, technique, and gain greater knowledge about how to move the golf ball properly and more efficiently. 
Junior Lesson Program 
*$150 per month*
  • 1 lesson per week (optional 2nd workout)
  • minimum 3 months
  • weekly progress update
  • free Edufii account
Practice is the only way to improve your game. With this is mind, we offer a Monthly Junior Membership with the purchase of the Junior Lesson Program for additional $50. Originally $100 per month.

Lesson Package Programs

Junior Lessons and Lesson Package Programs
1 – 45 Minute Private Lesson $55
3 – 45 Minute Private Lessons $135
5 – 45 Minute Private Lessons $220
7 – 45 Minute Private Lessons $305
10 – 45 Minute Private Lessons $435
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